Film Faced Plywood

1. Inspection Standard 

Our inspections abide by the Single Sampling Plans for Normal Inspection (SSPNI). 

2. Tools 

2.1 Measuring tape
2.2 Moisture meter
2.3 Vernier caliper
2.4 Lab equipment
2.5 Pen, inspection forms, digital camera

3. Inspection Procedures

3.1 Film Faced Plywood

3.11 Sample selection
3.12 Measurement (length, width, thickness and cross length)
3.13 Moisture content
3.14 Film quality: visual inspection, fungi resistance; Surface resine quality
3.15 Static bending strength and elasticity
3.16 Glue and adherence
3.17 Inspection report
3.18 Determine the adequacy of the products to the quality required

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