Film Faced Plywood

We are a professional manufacturer of Film Faced Plywood,Commercial Plywood and MDF of China.

Film Faced Plywood

1.Product Description

Application:Outdoor Construction.

Film Color:Black,Brown,Red

Glue:Melamine Glue,MR,WBP

Regular Size:1220*2440mm,1250*2500mm

Regular Thickness:9mm,12mm,15mm,18mm,21mm

Core:Poplar Core,Birch Core,Hardwood Core,Combine Core

2.On its surface,there are special films,made with phenol or melamine glue,and there is waterproof paint on its edge.So it is better in waterproof advantages and perform longer in wet conditions.

3.It can be recycled to use many times.

4.We also manufacturer the Anti-Slip Film Faced Plywood,it has anti slip advantage compare to ordinary plywood.

5.Production Process

(1)Planking--(2)Molding--(3)Cold Press--(4)Hot Press--(5)Deal Surface--(6)Sanding--(7)Laminated with Hot-Pressing Machine--(8)sawing--(9)Checking(one by one)--(10)Printing(Waterproof Edge)--(11)Inter package--(12)Outer Package

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