Film Faced Plywood Production Process

The Film Faced Plywood production process has a total of 12 steps.

First, planking. Lay the core flat on together. Second, Molding. Third, prepressing. This step is just pressure without temperature. Fourth, hot-pressing. Fifth, deal surface. Sixth, sanding. Seventh, laminated with hot- pressing. This step is the second hot press. Eighth,sawing. Ninth,checking. Check one by one, so that the front and back of each board are checked. Tenth, printing. Treat the sides so that they are waterproof. Eleventh, inter package. This step will cover each pallet with a plastic bag. Twelveth, outer package. Carton or MDF board will be used for the outer packing of each pallet board.

Every step, we do meticulous, every board, we do attentively. So the best quality for Film Faced Plywood we have!

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